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Living Water

Online Summer Camp

Pre-K thru 5th Grade

(The PRIMARY video for each day of the week will release at 12:00 a.m. starting on 6/22/2020.)

WE HAVE EXTRA KITS with the majority of items needed to participate in this online camp experience.  They are available at the church office.

Please contact Elaine at 303-452-5120 to schedule a time to pick one up!

First come, first serve – while supplies last.  :)

While this is a free mission our church is offering, during these difficult times especially, donations are greatly appreciated and accepted by clicking on the green check mark and making a donation under our “VBS-Kidventure” fund.


Bible Story:

“Bitter Water to Better Water”

Music Video:

“Deep Cries Out”


Bible Story:

“God’s Rainbow Promise”

Music Video:

“Never Let Go of Me”

Bible Story:

“Jesus Goes to a Party”


Music Video:

“Won’t Worry ‘Bout A Thing”


Bible Story:

“The Floating Axhead”

Music Video:

“Go Serve Our World”


Bible Story:

“The Woman at the Well”

Music Video:

“I’m All In”

What you will need...

Kidventure H2O Kits

Kits will include a majority of the materials to fully participate, with the exception of:

For Games: Two (2) large buckets or containers and a large sponge (can use dish cloth or hand towel)

For Crafts:  Markers, Crayons, Glue, Scissors, Stapler, and Tape

For Snacks:

Monday – Rice Cakes, Cream Cheese, Blue Food Coloring, Goldfish Crackers, and Fresh Broccoli

Tuesday – Watermelon (Cut Into Triangles) and Raisins

Wednesday – Clear Plastic Cup, Blue Jell-O, and RediWhip

Thursday – Celery, Cream Cheese, and Goldfish Crackers

Friday – Orange Juice (or your favorite juice) and Popsicle Molds